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Preview: 'Band' Practice for The UK Takeover Tour

AYO! So it's Wednesday and I just got my hair cut and as it turns out my beard is actually longer than my head hair, I almost look like a Wyatt Family member, like their long lost Indian cousin. Thank you very much Movember (even though I'm taking it one step further by growing the entire beard out as well). But that's beside the point because it's Wednesday night and a fair bit of thought has gone into prepping to meet the n.W.o. tomorrow. One of the first things you'd probably have to consider as a mark would be what it is you'd want to get signed, it's something we all mull over in our heads. I've actually got a prettty funny story about a wrestler signing session. To borrow a phrase from Lance Storm, "If I can be serious for a minute":

It was April 16th 2012, and WWE RAW would be eminating from the O2 Arena in Greenwich. Now as you may be aware, during these times, superstars may usually do appearances at certain venues around the city. As usual, Rihan had all the details and we were heading to Harrods in Knightsbridge to meet Kane. What an awesome thing to do, right? Meet Kane. Later on that night we would be at RAW watching him wrestle Zack Ryder, and Ryder was tremendous at his job. Always is good at his job. Job being the keyword there. Now, this had to be the shortest amount of time I've ever waited to meet a wrestler WWE Superstar. We get into the area in Harrods where Kane is signing, and there's not more than 10 people in that queue ahead of us. It wasn't because Kane wasn't over at the time or anything, I guess our timing had aligned with the stars somewhere. It's not a bad thing, it's a good thing! I already knew what I had wanted to get signed and it was my copy of WWE '12 the video game for my PS3. I'm pretty sure he was feuding Orton at the time...

My Copy of WWE '12 signed by Kane
My younger brother Anuj, who was also with us, had nothing with him at the time to get signed. So we start scrambling around this toy section in Harrods looking for something that he could get signed by the big red machine. Lo and behold we see a kids replica World Heavyweight Championshiop belt. Perfect! So Anuj gets into the queue and meets Kane. Snap-Snap, gets his picture taken. I watch from the distance as he signs for Anuj. Now it was only later on that I realized that rather than getting the actual championship belt signed, he had in reality signed on the outer packaging. SIGNATURE BOTCH of a lifetime! In his defense, Anuj has always blamed Kane for that. Till this day the packaging is floating around somewhere in my room with Kane's signature on it.
Anuj gets his picture taken with Kane. Kane signs the belt...packaging.

The moral of that story is: IF you're going to get something signed, MAKE SURE that it's on something that is actually worth signing! You can't buy this kind of experience on the Road to WrestleMania /-)
Speaking of things that are worth signing, we'd gotten into a little discussion yesterday about what you could get signed in terms of the long run. Are you better off getting a whole bunch of different merchandise or items signed? or would you prefer your signatures to be all in one place, like in an autograph book or a programme per say? One of the ideas I've come up with that would be pretty cool for collecting signatures on, was inspired by that kids replica belt from Harrods. Why not just get an adult size replica championship belt and get the back of the leather strap signed by all your favorite legends? You just know that's every pro-wrestling mark's dream /-) If you have any cool ideas on what you would collect signatures on, feel free to leave your creative responses in the comment section below! I look forward to hearing them.

I'd sent over a couple of texts to Rihan over the past few days, in terms of preparation for the UK Take Over Tour. We briefly outlined what it was that we were bringing into this n.W.o. gathering, and not just items for signing, that includes what questions we might end up asking the n.W.o. because it's probably going to be a little tricky to find something to ask about that hasn't already been answered publicly. I'm sure we'll come up with something good to ask though, and everyone reading this right now will be the first to know about it. In fact, if there are any questions you'd like us to try and ask for you, again, you can leave a comment in the section below and 'Team WrestleMania 30' will see what we can do. That's something else we need to work on, somewhere down the line, a faction name. Or a parody of a faction in Pro-Wrestling history. We'll get to that at a later date /-) This evening I ended up watching "Legends of Wrestling: n.W.o." which is a great roundtable style documentary which goes into the n.W.o. angles in depth and is a good watch if you've got the time and want to brush up on your wrestling knowledge. Colt Cabana also has a podcast called, 'The Art of Wrestling' which Rihan had recommended to me and I had a listen to the one which had Scott Hall on it and it was a damn good listen! Recommend listening to that also. Got my tickets printed off today and I think we're pretty much set for tomorrow!

Oh I almost forgot to mention what it was I was getting signed. I asked Anuj to come up with 3 different creative photo cards from scratch. He may not be a veteran at getting autographs from the big red monster Kane, but he's pretty damn good with photoshop. This is what he came up with:

nWo Custom Photos created by Anuj
Not bad at all, pretty impressive actually! With some luck, by this time tomorrow these 3 photos, will have 3 signatures on them, which would just make them.. Too Sweet! But for now, I've been dying to play as the n.W.o. in the new WWE 2K14 video game - so before I call it a day, I'm gonna flip that in right now for a match and put them up against The Shield in a traditional Survivor Series tag team dream match! New.. New.. New.. World Order!


Thanks for taking the time to read /-) There's plenty more to come,
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