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Preview: TNA Maximum iMPACT VI - 6 Years in the Making

Between the boys, we'd been debating whether or not to get TNA tickets in Wembley this year because at the time the tickets went on sale, the card didn't look too great in comparison to the names promised in previous years. There had been maybe another year or two when we'd left ticket purchase up till the last minute, and this would probably be the third time.

It was the morning of Thursday 19th, December 2013. Vimal and I had finally decided to go and get the deal done, I mean after all it was tradition!

I have been to every TNA Maximum iMPACT tour that has been held in the UK since its inception. I almost never went to the first one, because I was in London on the day it was scheduled and Rihan had got us tickets for the Coventry Skydome. It seemed like such a long trek at the time, to make up to Coventry from London last minute, but I'm glad I went. That was my first ever wrestling show by a major promotion.

I haven't missed the annual tour since. In fact, every year after that I've been at every show in Wembley Arena. Since the days of the 6-sided ring, till earlier this year when Sting and Bully Ray were in the main event against the Aces & Eights. I remember the A&8s walking out to the ring just below the balcony where we were seated, and I remember getting D'Von's attention and flipping him the bird and shouting, "YOU SUCK D'VON!" Good times. I think I was overly marking out because they had just beaten down Sting.

We were also pretty privalged to see the high-wire spectacle known as Ultimate-X one year. As well as being able to meet the biggest icon in professional wrestling, Hulk Hogan! Watching a bloody Ric Flair take on Douglas Williams one year! There's a little known fact about one clip that TNA use fairly often and it's one of when Sting is coming down to the ring at Wembley Arena. You may be familiar with it? I'm about to share a little story about that little clip. They even used it as part of his TNA Hall of Fame induction promo. It's a little snippet that you can see in the video below from about 01:40 - 01:48 -

The bit where he's walking down and suddenly points with his mouth wide open and marks out. That was at us! And I'll tell you why. I've been a huge Sting fan since I first started watching wrestling and seeing him on Nitro in the late 90s, and we knew that for this TNA tour we had front row seats so Anuj created a sign.

During that infamous walk to the ring Sting noticed the sign Anuj had made and came over to us, marked out a little which was really cool and shook our hands. Boy! That was a dream come true. I still remember my knees feeling like jelly in that moment. That's our little claim to fame and we have TNA to thank for that, for bringing the Stinger to Wembley in 2012.

Anuj and his artwork
Here's a picture of me with the long hair and Sting face paint & t-shirt and Anuj holding the sign up from Rihan's point of view, who was also at the event but had different seats from us:

If you're still not fully convinced here's the video footage, it's a bit shaky but it's because this was a mark out moment of a lifetime: (for some reason Blogger can't find it on here, but the link should work fine.)

2012 was probably the best TNA Maximum iMPACT tour for me because we got to meet Hulk Hogan and get our pictures taken as well as get his autograph and we also got that moment of acknowledgment from Sting which will be a memory that definitely lasts a lifetime. In fact there have been so many great moments along the years on the TNA Maximum Impact tours.

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe - TNA Maximum Impact tour 2013 - The Road to LockDown

Sting & James Storm vs. Bully Ray & Bobby Roode - TNA Maximum Impact tour 2012

Me & Rihan - TNA Maximum Impact 2012
Ric Flair vs. Douglas Williams - TNA Maximum Impact tour 2011

Ultimate X - TNA Maximum Impact tour 2010
TNA has been pretty good to Wembley Arena and I think it's because Wembley has always been good to TNA! In my opinion, wrestling fans in London are up there with the best fans in the world!

Back to the morning of Thursday 19th, December 2013..

So Vimal and I arrive at the box office and there's a lady sitting behind the desk who seems to be taking her sweet time with everything. I was on a time limit, I had work that evening, I didn't have time for this...

The woman finally greets us and asks how she can help, "7 tickets for TNA please.." I said. The woman has a little fiddle around with her computer as Vimal and I wait as patiently as we can. Then she tells us, "Sorry. It's all sold out."


That wasn't possible. I'd had  a look online before we'd gone out there just to be sure and there were tickets available. Rihan had even spoken to me on the phone telling me which sections would most likely have enough seats for all our tickets. If Rihan says there's tickets available, they're available. I ask the woman if she's sure.. Surely our tradition wouldn't end like this? Not this way!

Why is it that during this entire Road to WrestleMania, obtaining tickets has been like trying to win a match wrestling as Yoshi Tatsu? So damn difficult, always obstacles. Or stupid people to deal with. Like this lady. Who as it turned out was looking at the wrong booking system.

Once she'd gotten on the right page we had a choice of 2 possible sections and that decision took us about 5 minutes, but once that was done, BAM! We paid our cash and retrieved our tickets. Thus, continuing our annual tradition of drinking beer and enjoying the show that TNA would be putting on in our own back yard for the 6th consecutive year. Oh Hell Yeah! We're all set, as the TNA Maximum Impact tour VI on Saturday 1st February 2014 had now become a part of our Road to WrestleMania XXX...


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