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The 'State of RAW' Address (Part 2)

The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for 4 tickets to Monday Night RAW. Making his way to the laptop, from London, England, The Mau! And his opponent, from the United States of America, The Masterpiece, Ticketmaster U.S.!

Preparing for this Moment...

I had to be ready to book the RAW tickets to guarantee our crew a spot to the Mania after Mania. I had already spoken to a friend as a contingency plan to be on the phone line with me and help us make this booking. I had tried to call Shanks and Pradeep, two dudes who are going to New Orleans with Rihan and I on the road, but to no avail. Rihan was in Madrid somewhere but had told me that he had connections to the inter-webs. On that Saturday morning I had gone to the gym with my friend who'd be helping me via fone, and if he were to probably ever have a gimmick name in pro-wrestling it would probably be Lieutenant Buttstrong. For the purposes of this post, he'll be referred to as Buttstrong. Or 'the artist formerly known as Lieutenant Buttstrong'. On the way back from the gym I had ample time to get home, shower, grab a bite to eat and still have a lot of preparation time for this 'booking match' with Ticketmaster. However, on the way home I realize that I have Buttstrong's phone in my pocket, so I'm gonna have to go down to his and return it, orelse there wasn't really much chance of him being on the phone to me, and aid in the purchase. We met halfway, and that cushion of time was now taken away. I rushed back, hit the shower, and get to the laptop with some food and start unreeling the set-up. I got Anuj to get in on it with his laptop too. Great! Now there were 3 of us. I gave the two a short brief, thanks to the miracles of the phone and Skype. Time was ticking away and I was looking to end this one quick. A squash match. There were 2 minutes left till 4pm.

(Booking) The Match...

The clock strikes 4 and we were off! Or were we? The demand for this event was so freaking high, that it didn't give us any results? What the hell? And I mean none of us were getting any results! It just kept shooting us down with what appeared to be TicketMaster's signature move, "High Demand! No Matches."

Holy Cow! This summa-ma-bitch was not not selling any of our punches, kicks, grapples and attempts to get at those tickets! Eventually, after about 10-15 minutes of searching it threw out a section! It was in the 300s. Now at the time, none of us knew that because of the amount of ticket's that have already been sold prior to general sale, 300s were about the best we were going to get. Like I said, we didn't know this at the time - we were aiming for the 100s. I searched again, and this time it had gone back to "High Demand! No Matches." Anuj and Buttstrong were getting the odd result here and there showing them 300s but with rows that were really far to the back.

TicketMaster was seemingly laying the SmackDown! on my ass. But wait, what's this? Rihan is running interefernce, all the way from Madrid! L.w.O. in the house! One more man on the team, joining us via Whatsapp, to take on the Goliath, TicketMaster! Although this made the odds better, TicketMaster continued to whip us like government mules by refusing to show us any results that we wanted. We were attempting to work the proverbial legs on TicketMaster, trying to make it break down and buckle to the will of the 4 of us, and eventually lock it into a Figure-4-Leglock that would Submit us the sections that we wanted!

It was not happening! We were deep into this match and after checking what other people were getting, it appeared that the best thing we could hope for was to get the lowest numbered row possible in one of the 300s sections. But the problem now was that it just wasn't giving us an opening. But then, a chink in the unforgiving armour of TicketMaster would present itself. Row 3 in a 300s section. There were only 2 rows that could have been better than this, maybe we had a stroke of luck finally? Now given the nature of this match, and the likelihood of walking away with no shot at the Mania-after-Mania, we had to think fast. Time was not on our side and with every second that slipped away we knew we had to grab the brass ring. I held onto those tickets, and waited to see if in the unlikely event any of the others had any better results. The 2 minute timer ran down to it's final few seconds before it would be released back into the pool. 5, 4, no one had anything better, 3, and CLICK! AYO! Adrian! Couple of short minutes later and the match was over. WE WERE GOING TO THE RAW AFTER WRESTLEMANIA! Cue Vince McMahon's entrance music. I had accidentally booked using the incorrect details. Now what would this mean? It was a bit of a dusty finish. There was dust, but in my mind it hadn't completely settled yet.

Post-(Booking)Match Controversy...

I didn't really have the piece of mind that I wanted and spent the next 2 hours checking up on what I could do to rectify the mistake. The tickets were booked, but I had used some incorrect information which I needed to clear up. I was pretty stressed out about this. After those 2 hours I decided that since I couldn't call TicketMaster up, because the lines were closed, I may as well just wait until the following morning and see what they say then. I did just that, the first call had me waiting about 10 minutes, when I finally got through to the guy, he tells me I need to call TicketMaster U.S. because he'd never heard of my order number and that they don't deal with it! Next thing you know I'm on the line to TicketMaster U.S. and this time I'm waiting for another 15 minutes. I explain my situation to a guy named Chris. He tells me that he's going to have a word with his supervisor. He comes back and suggests that printing the tickets would be the best idea, and that he was going to put me through to custmomer services who'd be happy to do that for me. I'm waiting another 10 minutes for a lady who eventually answers the phone, and I'm getting tired of explaining my story time after time, but I need to get this sorted! She tells me that she's sending the tickets via e-mail and it should be there in my inbox within 8 minutes. I say thank you for your time, and try stall the conversation until I see that summa-ma-bitch e-mail pop up in my mailbox. I didn't want to have to go through all of this again, and explain my story again, just in case the damn e-mail didn't come through. I'm sure you've all had to deal with shit like this at some point or another, maybe with student finances? I couldn't seem to stall her long enough and she asks, "So, is there anything else I can help you with today?" and I say no, and thank her again for helping. The second I put that phone down, the e-mail pops up. I open it up and BAM! There were the tickets.. BOYS! We're OFFICIALLY going to Monday Night RAW in NOLA! Signed, Sealed, Delivered with peace of mind, and the guarantee of a wild show, the night after WrestleMania XXX!

TLC: For the Record...

Randy Orton has been 'Immortalised'. The first WWE World Heavyweight Champion as they like to call him. Defeating John Cena, last night at TLC. I guess they said that there would be one champion after TLC and that's what we got. The PPV met expectations. Didn't exceed them but it was good nonetheless. I think in hindsight Orton and Cena could have been better off in an actual wrestling match, like an Iron Man or maybe a '2 out of 3 falls' match, but it is what it is. Where do we go from here? What do you guys think?

Orton def. Cena @ TLC - Failures of the education system when WWE employees can't spell 'Heavyweight'
The opposite of what I'd called for the two handicap matches came to fruition as CM Punk would get the victory and Daniel Bryan would walk out with a loss, for their respective matches. However, I told Anuj the second that Roman Reigns hurt his eye on the steal chair that Dean Ambrose would be receiving a spear! That match was really well done, and I enjoyed it - I think the fans in the arena did too as the opener it really fired everyone up. Bryan and the Wyatts also had a good showing, a slightly different match in terms of telling a story. AJ Lee's luck continued to roll on, despite all of these reports with this Michelle woman, and WWE having to do 'damage control'. I don't know enough about the whole Tribute to the Troops incident to get into it, and the information that is there isn't very clear. Point being, AJ Lee is still the Divas champion. I was so sure Natalya was going to win because she was smiling way too much in that match, nice work on tricking me! Cody Rhodes and Goldust retained the tag championships against the other 3 teams in the elimination match with the finish being between Cody and Rey. Loved this match, and the crowd were well into it, all the way up until Cody hit that last crossrhodes on Mysterio.

Two matches that the crowd couldn't care less for were ones that weren't advertised. Brodus Clay vs. R-Truth (I don't even remember if it was R-Truth, shows how much attention I was paying to this one) in which Tensai and the Funkadactyls would abandon Clay at ringside. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston match actually provoked a very clear '"Boring!" chant. Nice.

My favorite match to watch that night had to be between either CM Punk vs. The Shield or the Fatal-4-Way elimination tag team match between Cody Rhodes/Goldust vs. Bigshow/Mysterio vs. The Real Americans vs. Ryback/Curtis Axel. Both matches delivered!

RAW Ramifications...

So RAW just finished, and the segment that had me glued was when CM Punk was addressing the authority and asks for Triple H to come down to the ring, but instead, Shawn Michaels turns up. Michaels telling Punk to let go of it, and Punk saying that he has a lot of respect for Shawn Michaels but if he superkicks him again, Punk would kick back. The crowd were chanting, "One more match!" to which Punk said, "I'm gonna have a lot more than one more match!" Could it be possible for Shawn Michaels to headline one more WrestleMania against CM Punk? Would it taint his final match against the Undertaker, and the bar that HBK has set for retirements? Time will tell, and all we can do right now is speculate, so let us know what you think! The number of tag team matches on tonight almost had me thinking that Teddy Long's spirit was working much harder than the christmas spirit. The main event match between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan was insane!
The main event was the match of the night on RAW (16/12/13)
Definitely pay-per-view quality, and the finish came when Orton got himself disqualified against Bryan with a low blow. Cena would come out and throw Orton out of the ring, only to receive a RKO. The Dark Lord is rising. JBL made a reference to Hagrid's beard tonight comparing it to that of Daniel Bryan. Let me put this in perspective for people who are familiar with the Harry Potter saga: Randy Orton is looking, and rising up like Lord Voldemort! RAW went off the air as Orton was the only man standing, over the bodies of Cena and Bryan. The Viper, the apex predator could wind up having a re-match against either Cena or Daniel Bryan come the Royal Rumble. It's too early to tell, and if that won't be the case there may even be a triple threat match for the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As I always say, time will tell!

P.s. I hope Nikki Bella is ok, because it looked like Tamina Snuka superkicked Nikki's nose off her face during the divas tag team match.

Thanks for taking the time to read,
There's plenty more to come! /-)
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