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Tidal Championship Wrestling presents: The 'Tidal Wave' Tour 2013 (01/12/13)

Sunday 1st December, 2013 - Tidal Championship Wrestling presents the 'Tidal Wave' Tour 2013. The first time I saw the flyer for the event was at The Coronet theatre in London, during the nWo UK Take Over tour. It had been a long time since I'd been to an independent wrestling show, so it was about time!

What really sold it to me was that I'd be seeing someone wrestle who's podcast I listen to more now than I listen to music. BOOM BOOM! It's Colt Cabana! The last time I had seen Marty Scurll wrestle was at the TNA Maximum iMPACT tour in January, earlier this year. He was in a 6 person, mixed tag team match and I remember him running towards the ropes and diving out the ring and landing really badly on the outside and not getting up for quite some time. I'd even see a couple of faces I hadn't seen wrestle in about 6 years but we'll get to that.

So we're en route to the event and my friend, Anil had decided to come so he was driving Anuj and I down to the Coronet. We were listening to Steve Austin's podcast episode 3 about getting a macho Mani-Pedi done. Anuj was in the back squirming around because the idiot only had about an hour's sleep the night before because he'd been up all Saturday night at his friend's house playing the new PS4, but anyway the plan was to meet Rihan there, and everyone was running a little bit late. To make matters worse, finding parking near the Coronet is a nightmare if you're not familiar with the area. We went round the roundabouts near there around three times and circled the block about twice before Anil could find any parking. I had told him before this that parking in central London ain't exactly easy if you don't know where you're looking and I did not want to be late! Finally, we get parking next to the shopping center (or mall as the Americans say) outside Elephant & Castle station and make our way over to the Coronet.

The Coronet theatre itself, by far is a building that is not the best looking venue, but it gets the job done. It has a bar, so you can't complain. We get to the bar, and I order a round and Rihan shows up and says, "Hey, go over and say hello..". I look behind me a little confused because at this point I hadn't seen Colt Cabana who was about 10 metres away from us at the merchandise table. He appeared to be busy in conversation with this blonde chick, maybe putting the BOOM BOOM moves on her, possibly? I didn't want to interrupt and thought it best to wait till they had finished. So I went over there, and Rihan introduced Colt Cabana to me and he shook my hand and said, "Hey how's it going? I heard you're going to WrestleMania?" I told him that we were, and I'd just finished listening to his Art of Wrestling podcast with Matt Morgan before leaving the yard, and he said thanks, he appreciated it. Then Colt asked, "I heard you're doing a blog too?" - It was pretty cool that he asked about this, and I said yeah it was about our Road to WrestleMania and that Rihan would send him a link. So if you're reading this, I want to give a shout out to Colt Cabana! You found my blog!
Bell time was fast approaching and he said, "Well I gotta go and get ready, I hope you guys enjoy the show!" and he was off to the backstage area, we wished him good luck for tonight. The show was about to start.

Now you often hear the phrase, 'Card is subject to change' but you rarely ever think it would affect you? Well it did with us this time. We were informed by the ring announcer prior to the start of the event that Mark Haskins and Adam Cole were stuck somewhere in Europe between France and Germany, or was it France and England? I'm not too sure but we weren't getting our hopes up to seeing them in a match anytime soon. Wait, so if Adam Cole wasn't there, who would Colt Cabana be facing in the main event? That's the kind of thing I was concerned about, whereas my good buddy Anil, was concerned about other things.

There are marks, and there are smarks. I remember Jeff Jarrett once saying in this documentary 'The Unreal Story of Professional Wrestling' something along the lines of, "For those who understand, there is no explanation necessary. For those who don't understand, no explanation will do." For some reason this quote stuck with me, because it made a lot of sense. As wrestling fans we all have that one or two friend/s that no matter what you try and explain to them about the whacky world of professional wrestling, they just won't understand. Or they tend to grasp the wrong end of the stick of what the point is, that you're trying to get across to them. Anil is one of those guys. I love him like a brother, but when it comes to understanding pro-wrestling or even the suspension of disbelief to enjoy and appreciate the art form of it, he's about as sharp as Ric Flair on that top turnbuckle. Failure to launch 90% of the time /-)

He asks me, "So this is the real thing yeah? Non of that scripted b***s***?".

There was no point even trying to tackle this question. Maybe it was the feel of an indy show that confused him? Maybe he thought that this was some kind of street fight or something? I really have given up on trying to explain what I understand about the business to him. You either get it it, or you don't. Even if I was to shoot straight with him and try loop him in, he'd probably (like a lot of marks who think they sorta get the deal) still be tripping up over his shoelaces trying to figure out which bits were 'real' and which bits weren't. I'm happy to report that eventually he just started enjoying himself and all in all had a good night! I love him like a brother, but this is the same guy that didn't want to go to America when he was younger because he didn't understand that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on the TV was all kayfabe, and thought that Goldar was real and would come get him.

Goldar: Now that was one hell of a gimmick.
The opening bout was a stale one, with one noisy kid sitting in the front row, who was about 11 years old constantly shouting immature insults to the two guys in the ring. This was irritating.. at first. That kid was on Monster energy. The crowd was pretty quiet at first so you could hear this kid shouting insults at Rampage Brown, who was squaring off against Nathan Cruz. The match itself didn't seem like anything special, or noteworthy and having the crowd out of the match is another disadvantage I suppose. The two in the ring however didn't seem to make much of an effort to get the crowd involved in the match. Decent opener, and a good effort by these two - Rampage Brown would get the win over Nathan Cruz with a piledriver! Crowd reaction was pretty poor. I remember thinking "I hope they pick the noise up a little" and decided that I would be the '2 Guy'. For those who are unsure of what that means, every time the referee would count a pinfall, and the wrestler being pinned would kick out at 2, I would shout, "TWWOOOOOOOOOO!".

The next match on the card would feature The Lion Kid vs. Martin Kirby. Martin Kirby made up for all of the lack of interaction with the crowd of the last match, and we the crowd, were getting entertained. A very fun heel to watch in the ring, Martin Kirby would end up getting a insult from that loud-mouthed 11 year old, I think it was, "you look like a poof!" to which Kirby responded, "I hate John Cena!". The wrestlers throughout the night after that would take after Kirby in messing around with the kid. Kirby would get the win over Lion Kid, rolling him up and grabbing a handful of trunks.

The Lion Kid!
 The main event for the first half of the show was 'Party' Marty Scurll taking on, 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm. Marty Scurll has changed his deal quite a bit since the last time I'd seen him and he'd definitely improved his game. His promo before the match was really good at attaining some heel heat, saying that he was the biggest star there. He had a great sense of presence in the building and had you believing that he was a superstar! Marty was the first guy that night to go up to the annoying kid and DX crotch chop him which got him over with everybody else. There was an awesome twist in this match when the referee caught Marty Scurll who was going for a crossbody. Marty shoved the referee and the referee shoved back. This would continue a few more times, as the crowd were making some noise for the official! Go ref! The referee ended up taking his shirt off and hitting Marty with a Stone Cold Stunner! The referee went for the cover as Jonny Storm donned the referee shirt and counted the 1-2-3. That was one of the loudest pops the whole night! The match would then continue between Storm and Marty with Storm eventually getting the win. Marty Scurll curses the annoying kid in the front row with a job at McDonalds.

During the halftime mark we were able to get a few snaps taken with some of the guys, as well as refill on drinks at the bar. I got a chance to speak to 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm and told him that I'd seen him wrestle 6 years ago in Birmingham and congratulated him and 'Party' Marty Scurll on a great match.

Nexus' Rihan and The Lion Kid

Anuj with Martin Kirby

'Party' Marty Scurll, The Mau, 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm
The second part of the show consisted of two matchups. The first would be Dave Mastiff taking on Kris Travis. The last time I'd seen Dave Mastiff was back in 2007, when he was wrestling for AWW in Birmingham and would cash in his opportunity for a championship match against then champion, Carnage. Rihan was with me at the event, and I'm pretty sure that it was his idea to go, and I don't think we'll ever forget it. Dave Moralez (as he was known at the time) would defeat Carnage, after Carnage's inital match, win the AWW Championship and run out of the building and get into a car and drive off! Mastiff would again pick up the win this night against Kris Travis.

Dave Mastiff with a stiff shoulder block on Kris Travis
It was main event time and my question for who would be facing Colt Cabana was answered. Colt Cabana would be taking on 'The Kentucky Gentleman' Chuck Taylor! I'm not gonna lie, I had never seen Chuck Taylor wrestle a match, up until that night, and I'm pretty sure I'll be looking up more of his matches now that we've been introduced /-) Having said that, note to self: Buy 'Wrestling Road Diaries'. Chuck Taylor went outside the ring during Colt Cabana's entrance and would take the away the Cabana sign made by that annoying kid in the first row. Taylor ran around the building, away from the kid and eventually made his way into the ring. Colt Cabana would end up stealing the sign back from Taylor and returning it to the kid. Cabana, after spending a good few minutes folding his jacket, threw it outside the ring, and the match went underway. I believe this was the longest match of the night and lasted about 15-20 minutes.

Colt Cabana and Chuck Taylor about to lock-up
The crowd, although showing signs of life, were pretty dead at the get-go of this one, which provoked Taylor to say, "Yeah! No sound. No sounds at all. I like it dead silent when I wrestle!" I found this hilarious! It got the crowd going (eventually..) as people began to clap their hands, stomp their feet and get into this one. At one point, Taylor had Cabana in the corner and mounted the second rope and shouted, "10,000 Punch! Strap in, we're going to be here a while!", and he didn't land a single punch! Hilariousness. Cabana and Taylor would end up wrestling outside the ring, around the outside, even past the bar area and work their way back to ringside. Taylor was suplexed onto a load of chairs, which belonged to some of the guys sitting front row. Cabana as a sign of good faith sets the chairs up for the guys in the front row and gets them seated. The match continued back in the ring up until Colt Cabana had Taylor caught up in a fireman's carry. Where was this going to go from here? GTS! What a maneuver! 1-2-3! Boom Boom! Colt Cabana wins! Colt would address the fans after the match and plug in an infamous Mick Foley cheap pop, "Right Here! In London, England!".

I had a chance to have a quick word with Chuck Taylor who was at the merchandise table and I told him that his match was really fun to watch, and he said thank you! I asked him where'd he'd be working next and he said he was flying back to the States the following day. I shook his hand and wished him safe travels.

With 'The Kentucky Gentleman' Chuck Taylor
Just before we left the building we were able to get into the ring itself and get a couple of pictures taken which was pretty cool. It had been a long while since I'd stepped through the ropes /-)

Rihan giving me some pointers on mat wrestling

Brother vs. Brother square off in the ring

As we left the Coronet, we saw Rampage Brown who was pulling his suitcase behind him heading towards the shopping center. One last story before I wrap this one up, we were waiting to get the parking ticket validated and there was a really old man who was using the machine in front of us. Now this gentleman had put his debit card into the wrong slot and was now calling for assistance. So Anil and I are standing there a little impatient, and who should be behind us than Martin Kirby. I started a little Kirby chant, and he laughed as we asked him where he was heading. He said he was heading North, past Leeds, and it would be a long 6 hours drive. "Wow, that's a bit of a trek" I remember saying. He explained that he would be driving up there with Rampage and one of the other guys, so it shouldn't be too bad. He then asked us where we were off to, and compared to where he was going, Wembley didn't sound too far. We wished each other safe travels and I wished him luck with his wrestling career. Really nice guy to talk to, and someone who can turn it up in the ring. Was glad to have spent a brief amount of time speaking to him! And that's a wrap.

TCW Moment: Referee Chris Roberts hitting the Stone Cold Stunner on Marty Scrull and pinning him. Indy mark out moment!

Move of the Night: Rampage Brown hitting the piledriver. It's a rare move these days and he hit it! The GTS by Colt Cabana is a close second!

Matches of the Night: 'Party' Marty Scurll vs. 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm & Colt Cabana vs. 'The Kentucky Gentleman' Chuck Taylor.


As a little bonus to this blog post, I was able to get a part of the main event match on here, thanks to Anuj.


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