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WrestleMania CountDown: WrestleMania 2000

AYO! What's popping everybody? It was last night on Monday Night RAW where three major announcements were made, in regards to the immediate route of the Road to WrestleMania. The first was made by Stephanie McMahon, that the WWE World Heavyweight championship would be defended by Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble, against John Cena. The second announcement would come from Triple H, who re-introduced the WWE Universe to Brock Lesnar. Lesnar now has his sights set on whomever the victor will be between John Cena and Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble. The third was less of an announcement, but more of a shocker as Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt family. I thought it was inevitable, and it was only a matter of time. What do you think? You can join the conversation over on our Facebook page and voice your opinion! Right now, let's take a step back in time for our WrestleMania CountDown, a look at WrestleMania 2000!


Date: 2nd April, 2000
Venue: Arrowhead Pond
City:  Anaheim, California

We were finally watching a WrestleMania where the era seemed a bit more familiar to me. This was around the time I was watching more of WCW. Who in England remembers WCW Worldwide every Friday night at 7pm on Channel 5? That was one of the two wrestling programmes available to us at the time. The other being Sunday Night Heat on Channel 4, and occasionally Channel 4 would air a live WWE pay-per-view. Earlier in that year, I remember they had aired the Royal Rumble (2000) pay-per-view - my first WWE PPV. My earliest memories of WWF! I remember my dad telling me that I couldn't watch wrestling anymore after seeing the brutality that Cactus Jack and Triple H delivered to each other. Still in my opinion one of the craziest street fights to date. At the time I'd first seen it, I'd never seen anything quite that violent ever before. However, the highlight was the Royal Rumble match itself. I think that's probably why I love the Rumble so much, it broke my PPV-ginity. I remember when Sheamus had won the Rumble and I left like we'd been robbed, and I'd have to wait a whole year until we could see another Rumble match. Let's hope it doesn't disappoint in 2014! The Rock would win the Royal Rumble in 2000, and that would lead us to the main event of WrestleMania 2000.

The opening tag-team bout between The Godfather and D'Lo Brown and The Shield. Wait, that's not the Shield. That's Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan! They look like the early concept for the Shield, with their tactical vests. The most annoying thing about this match for me was the number of times Ice-T would say, "Pimp' ain't pimpin' ain't easy.." - I dare you to go back and watch that entrance and count the number of times he said it. Take a shot for every time he says it. Just drilling it into my brain. Makes me glad that Boss Man and Buchanan came out with the win.

The hardcore battle royal for the WWF Hardcore championship may not have been the greatest match on the card but it was one that was damn entertaining down to the last minute. Crash Holly would start out as the champion and then the title would change hand a number of times, and would eventually end up with Crash again in the last minute! Crash stood in the middle of the ring, raising his arms, as the crowd popped for Tazz, who synched in the Tazzmission on from behind. The timer was ticking away when Hardcore Holly would run into the ring and smash a jar over the heads of Crash and Tazz. Hardcore Holly pinned Crash and would get the 1-2! Referee Dim White for some reason didn't count the 3-count but still decided that Holly had won. Hardcore Holly. My only conclusion is that Dim Tim White suffered a little short-term memory loss after the 2 count.

T&A accompanied by Trish Stratus. Damn. They would take on Headcheese (Al Snow & Steve Blackman) - and for the record I have no idea on why the team was called Headcheese as I wasn't regularly watching WWE programming at the time so if anyone could shed some light on that cheese I'd be grateful. Feel free to leave a comment. Anywho, Headcheese would come up short and would end up attacking their mascot, Chester McCheeserton. 'Time to cut the cheese'.

The World Tag Team championship match stole the show. The champions, The Dudley Boys battled Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boys in a thrilling encounter. Throughout the epic encounter, tables and chairs also made their way into the fray, leading many to consider this encounter the precursor to the famed TLC Match. Words cannot do this match justice, and as much as I try, I would rather you go back and take a look at this iconic piece of history.

We skipped through the match where Terri Runnels (with The Fabulous Moolah) defeated The Kat (with Mae Young) - No homo, we had time constraints. I'm sure the lovely dinosaurs on the outside added to the match in some respect. Guess we'll never know.

The next match was a 6-person intergender tag team match. Too Cool would team up with Chyna to take on the Radicalz (Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Eddie Guerrero). I was trying to explain to Anuj how good The Radicalz really were. I don't think that Too Cool, as great as they are could hold a candle to the technical prowess of the 3 men across the ring from them. The first ever WCW match I had watched was a 6-man tag team match where Psychosis, Chavo Guerrero and Juventud Guerrera would take on Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit. Just a random side note. I was impressed. The story was one of the first pieces of the puzzle for the Eddie and Chyna angle. On this night, Chyna would pick up the win for her team with a pinfall against Eddie Guerrero.

Another top quality match on the card was the two-fall triple threat match for the WWF Intercontinental (first fall) and WWF European (second fall) championships. Arguably 3 of the best technical wrestlers of all time in Y2J Chris Jericho, the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and Chris 'He-who-must-not-be-named' Benoit. The first fall went to Benoit after he nailed a diving headbutt off the top rope to a prone Chris Jericho. The second would come when Jericho would in turn get the W over Benoit. Kurt Angle just lost both championships without ever being involved in a fall! The genius of the triangle match. I believe we have Terry Funk to thank for that, if my sources (The Steve Austin Show podcast) are correct.

In an unlikely pairing, Kane and Rikishi would defeat D-Generation X members Road Dogg and X-Pac (accompanied by Tori). I think the angle at the time was that Tori had betrayed Kane. Just like Chyna had done at WrestleMania XV. As Lita would also do somewhere down the line. Boy, Kane has had his fair share of girl issues. The Gobbledy Gooker would rear it's ugly self at the of this match and join Rikishi and Too Cool for a little dance, up until Kane grabbed that chicken thinking that it was Pete Rose under that outfit. Rose however would emerge from behind with a baseball bat to no avail, and would receive a chokeslam from Kane and a stink-face from Rikishi for his troubles.

With a McMahon in every corner for the main event and 19,776 fans in attendance, the WWF Championship Match at WrestleMania 2000 certainly had the makings of a volatile situation. Accompanied by Stephanie McMahon, WWF Champion Triple H defended his title against The Rock (with Vince), Big Show (with Shane), and Mick Foley (with Linda) in a Fatal Four Way Elimination match. The build-up was epic, and the match delivered. The only thing I can take away from this main event was that it seemed very long-winded. Big Show and Mick Foley seemed to get themselves eliminated very early with Triple H and The Rock left battling for an eternity. Eventually, the McMahon factor would come into play and it was a chair shot from Vince, that cost The Rock the match. Rocky would end the night by sending the fans home happy by hitting his patented Rock Bottom on both Shane and Vince McMahon - and then even Stephanie McMahon! This story was far from over... but that's a wrap for WrestleMania 2000!

WrestleMania Moment: Vince McMahon turning on The Rock and hitting him with the final steel chair blow!

Move of the Night: Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb from the top of the ladder

Match of the Night: Triangle Ladder Match for the WWF Tag Team Championship


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