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The Miscellaneous Report: Flights & Hall of Fame

I'm going to do this impromptu post about some of the things that haven't really been noteworthy until you bundle them all together and try and sell them like one of Don West's 'brown bag' specials. Things such as booking flights from London to New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a fairly uneventful tale, with a little miscommunication between the team members of the Road to WrestleMania 30 blog. We'd originally decided to book flights on a Monday (I believe it was the 30th December) but it that got delayed and Rihan ended up booking his and Shanks' tickets on the Wednesday 1st January, and I had mine done by Saturday 4th January. I had originally dropped a pipebomb on Rihan for not trying hard enough to get through to me when booking, but I digress because it's all said and done now, and we're all on the same flight to Nola!

If you're planning to fly across the pond for WrestleMania XXX get in touch with us! Also, it would probably be a good idea to book your flights as soon as possible, because as I'm sure you'll know, the prices will only go up. Also, in terms of hotels I've heard that availability isn't great so the sooner you look into that the better! For flights you can always try - That's where we got our flights booked from. They also search hotels for you so it may save you some hassle.

Speaking of saving you from hassle, I reckon if we were ever to do a Mania trip again, getting a package may be more costly, but you're paying to save yourself from... you guessed it. The hassle. Something to really think about if you can afford it and have the time to save up for it. So today, at 4 p.m. the presale for the induction ceremony of the WWE Hall of Fame 2014 would go on sale. Which meant like many people across the globe, Rihan and I were parked in front of our laptops at 4 p.m. Well Rihan was, I was about 2 minutes late (as usual). Nevertheless we would spend the next hour and half on the Ticket Master (US) site trying to secure some decent seats. A lot of the first 45 minutes consisted of 'High Demand: No Matches!' warnings popping up on our screens which I'm sure many of you that are reading this will be familiar with! I'd heard that some seats in the 100s were showing up for some people, but in the entire time we'd spent looking, we'd gotten only 300s. Here's a little seating chart for the ones who have absolutely no idea on what I'm babbling on about:
Now then, it seemed like the best thing to do was to wait for tickets to go on general sale, maybe then they would open up more sections for people to buy tickets? It was safe to assume that a lot of the 100s seating sections would go to the fans who'd be purchasing through one of the WrestleMania packages. I don't know why but I keep imagining that the majority, or a large sum of package holders are casual fans. I could be wrong, but it just feels like something the casual fan would do, rather than customizing their WrestleMania week experience to their mark and smark needs! It's just a strange association I've made. Agree with me? Leave a comment. Disagree with me? You're probably an assclown with a WrestleMania package deal. Leave a comment also. Not saying that every package holder is a casual fan because I'm sure that there's atleast one mark reading this right now that's taking offense to what I've said.

"How DARE you call me a casual fan sir? I pay my good hard earned cash and am just as, IF NOT MORE than a devote fan than you. I got slightly offended by that statement. We better get first dibs with all of that devoted fan money we invested!" - That's YOU. Stop being such a mark. These packages have made booking tickets somewhat of a nightmare for a lot of fans, and I'm speaking on behalf of all the wrestling fans who didn't choose to have every event spoon fed to them, I speak on behalf of the wrestling fans who wake up at strange hours in the morning so they can park themselves in front of laptop to book their tickets. I am Mau, and I am the Voice of the Voiceless! Ok, not really but I hope you catch my drift /-) Dudes and dudettes with the Mania Packages - Good for you. I'm speaking on behalf of everyone that's trying real hard without the bundle and can relate to what I'm saying!

The hours rolled on and just past midnight I received another call from Rihan who was on the Ticket Master website, at it again. It's funny because I'd just gotten back to my laptop and tried to open up the Wrestlecon page when my mobile started ringing. He had some sections popping up that were pretty decent. Ideally from the get go, we knew that Floor Sections: G, F, A, E were most probably going to be occupied mostly, if not entirely by wrestlers, their families and other personnel. 100s were probably going to package holders. That left the 300s. The best possible Sections we would shoot for would be 307-309.

Every other section would pretty much have us sitting at a weird angle for a potential 3 hours listening to speeches. Now some of you may be thinking 316, 317, 331, 332 don't seem bad at all! Plus, we'll be a lot closer. Maybe that's true, but paying $60-$86.90 for it just didn't seem worth it. You'd already be so high up that you can barely make out who's on stage, on top of which the one mini titantron you would be watching on would be at an angle. This is why we were aiming to get 307-309. Even though we were further from the stage, we'd be facing it directly, and facing the screen on which the cameras would show the night's events. Eventually, we were presented with the option of taking section 306, row 7, for a very decent price of $35.85 - which means more for Beer Money, and I'm not talking about the Wrestlecon! SUBMIT ORDER PLEASE! We're going to the Hall of Fame 2014 - OH HELL YEAH!

The only thing that remains to do now as part of the official 'WWE WrestleMania week events' planning is to book Fan Axxess. I will keep you posted, but after that's done we can look to booking other events such as Wrestlecon. I can't tell you how excited I am for Wrestlecon, the number of superstars that are appearing is immense. Collectible wrestling figures, DVDs, masks, books, attire, you name it, and I'm sure that it'll be there as a part of merch for sale. My good buddy Hinal has already made me promise to get him a Stone Cold Steve Austin vest - and if any place would have it, it would be at Wrestlecon! Also Goldberg is appearing. Enough said. I'm also a huge fan of Colt Cabana's 'Art of Wrestling' podcast which some of you may know, and may have heard of - and he'll be doing a live show from the Wrestlecon in New Orleans, Louisiana. As I'm writing this post, about an hour ago I found out that Karen & Jeff Jarrett will also be at there! Jarrett is going to be in a match against 'BOOM BOOM' Colt Cabana! - Cannot Freakin' Wait. Rihan has been super psyched about "RINGSIDE: An evening with Jim Ross" appearance and I'm not surprised, can't think of a  greater way to kick off the WrestleMania activities in NOLA for WrestleMania 30! It's starting to feel a lot more real than it did in my first ever blog post where we booked our tickets. The closer we get, the more UNREAL it's getting. After Fan Axxess is booked, I get the feeling that's when the real fun will start. Such as deciding on a faction name for the 4 of us, as well as getting some custom T-shirts for Mania in the pipelines.. as the Road Warriors would say, "UUUUUHHHHHHHHH WHHHAAAT A RUSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHH!"

For those of you who haven't been able to get your WWE Hall of Fame 2014 tickets yet, you can do so on Ticket Master's website with the following pre-sale codes:


Tickets will go on general sale on Saturday 18th January, at 11 a.m. ET/10 a.m. CT. - Which means 4 p.m. GMT for anyone buying from the United Kingdom. Good Luck everyone!

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