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The Road to WrestleMania : Official Opening Predictions

75 Days Before WrestleMania XXX: Tonight marks the last broadcast of Monday Night RAW, before the Road to WrestleMania XXX officially begins. Now as we all know, this means the beginning of speculations, rumours and predictions galore - all over the WWE Universe and the wrestling multiverse. People will be buzzing about everything from Batista winning the Royal Rumble to Hulk Hogan defeating John Cena at WrestleMania XXX for the World Heavyweight Championship! So without further ado, we would like to share with you, our readers, our predictions for the upcoming Road to WrestleMania and beyond, into the year 2014!

The following Triple Threat Predictions contest is scheduled for 10 Falls! 10 questions that will be explored, with each one of us giving our opinions and predictions.  Enjoy the ride, Enjoy the read.
Ring that damn bell...

1) Who will win the Royal Rumble 2014?

Rihan reckons: Batista (Tease of Evolution reunion faces Randy Orton at Mania, HHH in Randy's Corner with Flair in Batista's Corner)

Anuj assumes: My guess is CM Punk, probably because it'd be the best thing for him right now as he's literally got nothing going on. A win at the Rumble would get him back to the top which is where he needs to be and would probably involve him with a storyline with Orton/Lesnar/Batista. If someone else was to win it, I would go with Daniel Bryan or Bray Wyatt. Anyhow Batista wins it...

Mau's message: I have a feeling it could be a surprise entrant. I've accurately been predicting the winner of the Royal Rumble match since as far as I can remember, and that's not boasting, that's fact! That was up until 2012, when Sheamus would win, after I had predicted Jericho. I got back on track last year by endorsing Cena before the Rumble. This year, I'm going with Daniel Bryan. He is Ultra-Over right now, inside and outside of the WWE Universe. It'll be best for business.

2) Who will enter the Hall of Fame Class of 2014?

Rihan reckons: Ultimate Warrior, Kevin Nash, Miss Elizabeth, Kamala, Fabulous Firebirds

Anuj assumes: To be honest, I'm not too sure about this one at all but I'll say Jake "The Snake" Roberts will be inducted as well as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

Mau's message: Jake 'the snake' Roberts, Chris Jericho, Diamond Dallas Page - Adding to the already announced Ultimate Warrior. Although Jericho's career may not be over yet, I find it strange that Drew Carey and Koko B. Ware's bird are in the Hall of Fame - and Jericho is not.

3) Who will face The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX & will the streak end?

Rihan reckons: Brock Lesnar, 22-0 (WWE build on Taker never having beaten Lesnar on PPV)

Anuj assumes: Highly doubt the streak will end this year at WrestleMania XXX, but regardless the match should be amazing to watch anyway! As for who the Deadman will face, my guess is *Paul Heyman voice* BROCK LESNAR! However, with Brock Lesnar pursuing the WWE World Heavyweight Title I don't know how this would play out unless he were to win and then face Taker at WrestleMania XXX for the title. Hmm..

Mau's message: Sting. I'm joining the yearly bandwagon that is the 'Sting vs. Undertaker' dream match. Although I really think the time has passed for these two to put on a great match, I believe it can still happen. It could happen this year at WrestleMania, with Sting's character being recently written off TNA television. It's best for business. Well at least it's the best option for Sting. Join the 'E', have your archived matches released on Blu-Ray/DVD, enter Hall of Fame and retire like a Legend. I very much doubt that Sting will be the one to end the streak, but this business is all about suspending your disbelief.

4) Who will hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2014?

Rihan reckons: Batista, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns

Anuj assumes: With the return of Batista and the announcement of Brock Lesnar going for the title, this one seems quite difficult. I'm sure that Orton will retain at the Royal Rumble, but as for what happens after that seems unpredictable. I'd like to see Lesnar as champion but only if he were to appear weekly unlike Dwayne. I'd also like to see Punk as champion again as he did a pretty good job before and I'm sure they could come up with a good angle.

Mau's message: Hulk Hogan - Could you imagine it? You might be staring at your screen right now thinking, "WTF?", but I'm sure when the time comes, and it should, even if it's for a short reign it will make for some buzz. I'm going with Bray Wyatt, if it's done the right way he could literally be one of the top heels as well as WWE World Heavyweight champion this year. I would have said Roman Reigns, but as over as he's been recently, I don't think he's ready yet. It's a no brainer that at some point, the flag will be passed to captain John Cena.

5) Who will turn heel this year?

Rihan reckons: Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Goldust, Sin Cara, Big Show(!)

Anuj assumes: Hmm, not too sure about this one but leading up to WrestleMania XXX maybe one of the Rhodes brothers turns heel which then sets up the match at Mania. Apart from that, I can't think of any others. #HeelCena

Mau's message: Big Show. Do I really need to explain this cycle?

6) Who will turn face this year?

Rihan reckons: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger, Ryback

Anuj assumes: N/A

Mau's message: Roman Reigns. The face turn in 2014 that allows Reigns to break away from the Shield and break out on his own. It could happen, and I'm predicting it now!

7) Who will win the Money in the Bank ladder match in 2014?

Rihan reckons: Dean Ambrose

Anuj assumes: Antonio Cesaro is my pick. That guy is great in the ring and he deserves to be a champion. Maybe we'll see him do more singles work in the lead up to MITB and then he'll win and hopefully cash in on whoever the champion is.

Mau's message: Antonio Cesaro. I'm a huge Cesaro fan, which explains why he's been major champion in my WWE 2K14 Universe since it's inception. But that's besides the point, not only can this guy swing anyone in the WWE Universe, he looks legit. He is legit. Antonio Cesaro will cash in the Money in the Bank and successfully become champion in 5 different languages.

8) What will the SummerSlam  main event be?

Rihan reckons: Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar

Anuj assumes: There could be a million matches which could be the main event of Summerslam, but I think this time it'll have something to do with Batista. Hopefully if he's not doing some part-time BS then he'll be up against the current champion. Batista vs. Lesnar maybe?

Mau's message: CM Punk vs. Batista - Right after Batista turns heel and joins the Authority.

9)  Which NXT Superstar who debuts in 2014 will have the biggest breakout year?

Rihan reckons: Paige

Anuj assumes: Gonna be honest and say I don't actually watch NXT, but I have seen a few episodes so I can't really make a proper judgement. However, if I was to pick someone who I think would be a breakout star in 2014 I'd say it might be Sami Zayn.

Mau's message: Aiden English. Here's a guy that can not only wrestle, he can sing pretty damn good as well. Has enough charisma to get to the main roster.

10)  Which non WWE contracted wrestlers will return/debut on the roster?

Rihan reckons: MVP, Kurt Angle (Angle vs Punk at WrestleMania 31)

Anuj assumes: I think Jeff Hardy will come back if he's officially done with TNA. I don't see why he wouldn't and returning at the Royal Rumble would be perfect for him. 

Mau's message: Chris Jericho. I have to make at least one safe prediction so that when we all look back at this I can say say, "HAH! There it is, proof of Jericho's WWE return, and I called it!"

Bonus Round Predictions: 

Rihan reckons:

- The Authority will not disappear after WrestleMania 30
- Dolph Ziggler will get released from WWE
- The year of Summer Rae in the Divas division
- Prime Time Players will split & Titus O Neil will be  pushed as a singles star
- Rey Mysterio will get injured (!)

Mau's messages:
1) These are predictions, doesn't mean I agree with this one, but I'm pretty sure it could happen. Eva Marie will become WWE Divas Champion. I hope I'm wrong.
2) Daniel Bryan will ruin Sheamus' return at the Royal Rumble by eliminating him in under 18 seconds. We are all allowed to predict, and as unlikely as this may sounds, how great would that be?
3) The Usos will win the WWE Tag Team Championships.
4) Zack Ryder will continue to fly under the radar.
5) Paige will become Divas Champion


There you have it! The official predictions from us at the Road to WrestleMania 30 blog! Did you agree with any of them? Disagree with any of them? Wondering how Anuj forgot to fill in who he thought would turn face this year? Leave a comment right here and let us know what you think! You can also leave a comment on our Facebook Page, and be sure to hit that 'Like' button - It's just one more way to join the conversation! As time rolls on, and we go further along the Road to WrestleMania, we'll be able to look back and see whose predictions came true... Time will tell who wins this Triple Threat.


Thanks for taking the time to read,
There's plenty more to come! /-) #Hope2EntertainU
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