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WrestleMania CountDown: WrestleMania XXIV

AYO! What's popping everybody? We are on the eve of the Elimination Chamber, the last PPV stop before WrestleMania XXX, who's going to face Batista in the main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? While playing some WWE 2K14, I decided to simulate this Sunday's chamber match and this is what happened: Randy Orton kicked out of an early Killswitch from Christian. Christian couldn't do the same, and fell to the RKO. The next man to be eliminated was Sheamus, after suffering an RKO from Orton. Cesaro would eliminate Orton with a Very European uppercut. John Cena would roll Cesaro up in a small package. Daniel Bryan and John Cena remained. After a resilient effort from Bryan, Cena would hit the AA and cover Bryan for the victory. I'm hoping the WWE 2K14 simulation is wrong, but time will tell. It was also announced yesterday that Hulk Hogan, will be hosting WrestleMania XXX! I'm excited for that! As Rihan put it, ask anyone outside of the business who they think of when they hear 'Wrestling' and Hogan is one of the first names that you will hear for a response. I really don't understand the IWC's memes and vines about their displeasure for Hogan being the host, and we're not planning to jump on that bandwagon anytime soon - WE THE PEOPLE, are here for focus on the good stuff! So having said that, let's take you back to WrestleMania XXIV from The Citrus Bowl in 2008!


Date: 30th March, 2008
Venue: Citrus Bowl
City: Orlando, Florida

The opening contest was the first ever Belfast Brawl in WrestleMania history. JBL would come away with the victory against the brawler Finlay.

In the 4th annual Money in the Bank ladder match, Mr. Kennedy, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, John Morrison, MVP and CM Punk would face off against one another for the opportunity to win a world championship match, at any time of their choosing. There were a lot of great spots in this match, one of which was Chris Jericho having locked on the Walls of Jericho to John Morrison atop the ladder, which I first remember seeing Jericho doing to Chris Benoit back in the day. Shelton Benjamin took a massive bump, being thrown off the top of a ladder in the ring, senton bombing through a ladder on the outside. MITB and Shelton Benjamin as an attraction go hand-in-hand, no doubt.

The following singles match was for brand supremacy between RAW and SmackDown! This singles match would see Batista (representing SmackDown!) taking on the late Umaga (representing RAW). I still say Umaga would have made a great heel World Champion, and during this match he showed a great deal of athleticism hitting Batista with moves such as a Spinning Wheel kick. In the end, it was a sloppy Batista Bomb that allowed The Animal, to pick up the victory.

In the shortest match in WrestleMania history, Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Championship. Kane would enter the ring from behind, as Chavo continued to ignore the referee's warning's that, "He's behind you Chavo!" After hitting the chokeslam and pin combination in eleven seconds, the record was set. This was also the first time that the ECW Championship was ever contested for at a WrestleMania.

Two of the biggest Legends in WWE history would square off in a 'Career Threatening' match. If Ric Flair would lose to Shawn Michaels, he would be forced to retire. What a great match this is, and watching it back again - I know it's a classic for the ages. Flair and Michaels push each other to the limit and give the fans in attendance a gem for the ages. The crowd itself was very invested in this one, with every "WoOo" and every, "Boo", chop for chop. Michaels numerous moonsaults and Chin Musics out of nowhere were very memorable spots in this one. Easily my favourite match of the night. Who will ever forget the epic ending, with Michaels saying, "I'm Sorry. I love you." right before delivering the final shot that would put Flair down for the count. What a great story! The embodiment of WrestleMania.

Beth Phoenix and Melina (w/ Santino Marella) defeated the team of Maria and Ashley in a Playboy BunnyMania Lumberjill match. Snoop Dogg was the celebrity Master of Ceremonies for this contest. Due to some technical difficulties the lights went out in a Citrus Bowl momentarily, and by the end of the match, Marella would involve himself by pulling Maria's leg as she was in a pinning predicament. This inspired Jerry 'The King' Lawler to get out of his seat, and knock Marella down with a punch to the face. Maria would end up losing the fall for her team to Beth Phoenix. Marella sold a clothesline from Snoop Dogg after the match, and Snoop kissed Maria.

In the triple threat match for the WWE Championship, Randy Orton would defend his gold against both Triple H and John Cena. John Cena would have a marching band entrance, with them playing him (to the sounds of his entrance music) to the ring. Orton at this point still had this Mercy Drive theme music. It seemed as though, judging from the crowd reaction, Triple H was the fan favourite to win this one. There was a poll taken during WrestleMania, through the AT&T mobile service (before the days of Michael Cole trying to tell you how to download an app on your phone every 30 minutes) which asked fans who they thought would win the match. As it turned out, 92% of them were wrong, because it was Orton who would punt kick Triple H, off Cena whom he was pinning, and cover Cena for himself. It was Orton who successfully got the 1-2-3, and it was Orton who remained WWE Champion! Will that be case this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber?

Now let's get one thing straight, break kayfabe for a moment. I firmly believe that in a shoot fight, The Big Show would snap Floyd Mayweather in a heartbeat. There. It's out of my system now. As I found the notion of Mayweather defeating Show just stupid. But that's how it went down! The Big Show would take a shot from Mayweather, with a loaded hand and go down via knockout. And that's all I have to say about that.

It was main event time. Edge was seeking to end the Legendary WrestleMania streak of The Undertaker. Edge would also have his World Heavyweight Championship put on the line. Edge as a child, had seen his hero Hulk Hogan go down and lose at WrestleMania IV in front of his very eyes. This was the day Edge claimed that his life had changed. Now Edge, wanted to be the one to change lives because he believed that no matter what went wrong, the people always had the Undertaker to guarantee them victory at WrestleMania. Edge was looking to change that. This was the second year that Undertaker had been dominated fairly heavily during the early goings of the match. Undertaker and Edge would go for about 23 minutes, the longest match of the night, before Edge tapped out to the Hell's Gate submission hold. The Undertaker was World Heavyweight Champion again. 16-0. Rest in Peace.

WrestleMania Moment: Ric Flair walking out of his last WWE match at WrestleMania

Move of the Night: Randy Orton's game winning Punt Kick to Triple H

Match of the Night: Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels


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